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Not sure if I should give it a try. Screens in the page don't show me much info. Just a recommendation, put a black background in the page, then Red light in the bunker will become much more interesting.

I will be glad if you appreciate! :)

wish the game was longer, the ending was kind of boring! u should make more of this game or maybe a second one?

This is just a prototype :) A full-fledged game will be released in a month. It will be very different but it will be a full-fledged game. :)

Thank you very much for your feedback. :)

np good luck!

I think the game was awesome. It really had a cool concept that if more developed would be a very awesome game. Great job!

Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

you're welcome

It was ok, way too many scary noises.


Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

so funny

Thanks for the feedback! :) This is my first experience in game development. And the following projects will be much better. :)

i get an error that says "unknown genre" i can't play :(


Hello. Try installing Direct X 9. It also happens that the video card can be capricious. And run the game through the folder. Thanks for writing about the error. :)

no problem i will install and let you know if anything happens

Okay! :)


Thank you very much for playing! :)

i want a screaming nazi

I thought about it :) And why not? :)


i like

I played your game and I enjoyed it. (Skip to 11:07)


Thanks for the feedback! :)

The Shortest horror game ever. I really like the sound. it really scary but the gameplay there's not much to amaze. Nice sound though.

Thanks for the feedback! :) This is a prototype of the game and the game itself will be completely different. I'm glad that you appreciated! :)

Very Good game! You know how to use the sounds to creat a terror game.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Its way too short Dev but good job.

Thank you very much for the feedback :) This is a prototype so I will change and improve a lot on the release.

Sure and please add some scary stuff :) 

Of course :)

The game is so creepy atmosphere is amazing i liked it alot rated 5/5

i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thank you very much for the feedback :) This is still a very raw product, but I will try to bring it to release.